WSD Comprehensive Plan

Wilson School District Comprehensive Plan
The Pennsylvania Department of Education, under Chapter 4, requires each school district to develop a district comprehensive plan every three years. In November of 2016, Act 118, extended the plan an additional year and adjusted the submission date.  The purpose of the comprehensive plan is to review the current strengths and challenges of the district and to set overarching goals and action plans for the next three years.  While, WSD completed the plan in November of 2016, we have adjusted the dates to adhere to Act 118.  Part of the process is a 28-day public review before board approval. The WSD comprehensive plan can be viewed here or a hard copy is available in the district business office for your review.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Cindy Mierzejewski at 610.670.0180, ext. 1613, or at