Family Vacations

Is Your Family Planning a Trip in 2016 - 2017?
Families with children who will be in grades 9 - 11 during the 2016 - 2017 school year should avoid planning family trips due to Keystone Exams (Algebra I, Biology, and Literature) on the following testing windows:
  • May 15 - 26, 2017 (Algebra May 15 and 16, Literature May 17 and 18, Biology May 22 and 23)

Students that are enrolled in Algebra I, Biology (all 11th graders), CP/Honors English 10 (all 10th graders), and any students that have not previously passed any of the aforementioned Keystone Exams are required to be in school during the testing windows. Please schedule family outings around these dates so that all students will be able to participate in these required state assessments. Students are not permitted excused absences during these testing windows. The Wilson School District appreciates past efforts of families to support their children at home to ensure they are in attendance on testing dates. This has resulted in Wilson High School continually being successful on state assessments as required by the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) federal law. Please complete the following form for all trip requests: Non-School Sponsored Trip Form