Beginning with the 2010-2011 school year, the Wilson School District decided to utilize our district website for the distribution of flyers instead of handing out hard copies to students.  
NOTE:  All flyer determinations are at the discretion of the Public Information office. Submitting your flyer does not guarantee approval.

What does this mean for you?


1.  You will no longer have to incur the expense of printing out hundreds of flyers and then spending your valuable time traveling to each building to deliver them.


2.  Your flyer will be posted in .pdf format immediately after approval on our district website. You will receive a confirmation email.


3.  Your flyer will be communicated via our Bulldog Blitz which is a weekly email that lists upcoming events, special recognitions, announcements, and your flyer! This email is automatically sent to all staff members and families who have signed up to receive the Blitz. We are making a concerted effort to encourage parents to sign up for the Blitz as this will be our main form of communication with them. You too can receive the weekly Blitz by signing up at


4.  We will provide a hardcopy for any student who does not have internet access or printing capabilities at home.


What do we need from you?


1.  You must be a non-profit organization or providing a resource to our students and families.


2.  Your flyer must be received by Wednesday of each week to be included in the Blitz. If it is received after Wednesday, pending approval, it will be placed immediately on our website and communicated via the next Blitz release.


3.  All flyers must include your contact information as our buildings will not be collecting responses. Your flyer should include a contact name, number, email or website. If your flyer must be printed and mailed please provide your mailing address.


4.  Your flyer will be immediately removed from our website on the day after the last date of your event or program. (For example: your event runs 09/01/10 to 09/07/10 – it will be removed 09/08/10.)

Please submit electronic copies to Mary Jo Dunn, District Secretary to the Director of Public Information, Kristin Kramer:
To speed up the process you should provide us with an electronic copy of your flyer. If you are unable to email, please mail a hardcopy to Wilson School District, Attn: Mary Jo Dunn ~ Room A-505, 2601 Grandview Blvd., West Lawn, PA 19609.


Questions?  Call Mary Jo at 610-670-0180 x4842