Our 5800+ students are served a variety of breakfast and lunch meal options throughout the 9 cafeteria areas.  In addition to the breakfast and lunch service, our program provides a wide variety of “special event” catering to facilitate the educational process.


The program is a financially independent entity.  Tax revenues are not used to support the operation of the program.


A team of 90+ dedicated Support Staff (Food Service Workers) strive daily to provide WILSON’S PRIDE good quality, nutritious meals, with a smile!  In addition to the Food Service Staff, many other departments contribute efforts daily.  Maintenance; Grounds; Receiving; Central Duplicating; Information Systems and the Transportation Department all work to help Food Service achieve its mission.



For the 2012-13 school year our program served over 635,000 reimbursable meals (compliant with the National School Lunch Programs strict requirements) 



Providing service in multiple locations to such a large population within a concentrated period of time provides numerous challenges.  Duplication of activities is extremely costly from a financial perspective.  Over the years we have developed an operational plan which provides  standardized services while being fiscally responsible.  Our department operates with five primary production areas.  A primary production area has the necessary dry and cold storage areas needed to support the production of in excess of 4,000 meals per day.  A primary production area also has the large number of skilled food preparation staff to facilitate the production required.  All full time staff are found in these primary production areas. Our primary production areas include:  the Senior HighUpper and Lower House, West Middle School, Cornwall/Southern, and Whitfield.


Those menu items which can be properly prepared in these areas and appropriately shipped to the smaller buildings are prepared fresh daily. Other items which do not lend themselves to being transported are sent in an uncooked or frozen state to the smaller kitchens which we call secondary preparation areas. There the items are cooked, baked, roasted etc. just prior to being placed on the serving line to be served fresh and hot to our students and staff.


Our satellite  preparation areas include  Green Valley, Shiloh Hills, and Spring Ridge.  

All staff in the secondary preparation areas work part-time.  



Menus are planned by USDA New Menu Standards as outlined by the National School Lunch Program.  The lunch program is designed to provide 30% of the Daily Nutrient Requirements.