Welcome to 
Shiloh Hills 
Second Grade

Mrs. Lesley Douventzidis 
 Mrs. Jessica Hanley
Mrs. Sue Shanaman 
Mrs. Susan Wojciechowski

In second grade, we use the Everyday Mathematics curriculum developed by the University of Chicago School of Mathematics Project.  The second grade program emphasizes the following content:  Numeration, Operations and Computation, Data and Chance, Geometry, Measurement, Reference Frames, Patterns, Functions and Algebra. 
Direct reading instruction in second grade is based on the Treasures Reading series. 
We have adopted a new science program developed by Harcourt Science.  Units include Insects, Habitats, Magnets, States of Matter, and Living Things that Grow and Change.
Social Studies
Social Studies
Using the We Live Together curriculum created by  Macmillan / McGraw-Hill publishers, students will explore Our Community, All About Earth, Our Past, All About Work and Our Government.
Language Arts
Language Arts
Throughout the year, students will further develop their writing skills through the writing process which includes  prewriting, drafting, conferencing, revising, editing and publishing.  Students will explore poetry, friendly letters, and reports as well as narrative, expository, and creative writing.
Spelling is taught through the Treasures reading series. 
Handwriting is taught using the program Handwriting without Tears.  This program is used Kindergarten through 3rd grade with the introduction of cursive.

Last Modified on October 27, 2014